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Welcome to Fixby Healthcare

Fixby Healthcare is the home of Trusted and Compassionate Personal Care. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional care to our service users in surroundings they have known to be home, surroundings they are familiar with and feel comfortable. Struggles with day to day life routines are no more as Fixby Healthcare is here to offer care, support, and companionship to improve quality of life.

We are very flexible to meet our clients’ requirements, whether you require a lot of support, be it a little looking after, we offer tailored and cost-effective support to suit service users’ needs.

Our Profound Care Commitment

  • Fixby Healthcare is committed to provide Trusted and Compassionate Care, ensuring our service users and their families peace of mind
  • Our staff and carers are trained to a high standard and are rigorously selected and are DBS checked
  • We are committed to maintaining conduct with our clients through visits for face to face assessment to fully understand service users’ requirements
  • We are committed to offering personalised Care in the comfort of your own home, an environment you are comfortable with.

                                                        We welcome your consultation with us to discuss available care options

                                                                                             Contact Us: 07482758821